Our Privacy Policies

At Diamonds and Pearls, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Below you’ll find a list of all our policies. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for - please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


We only use your personal details for the purposes it was collected for. If you buy from our online store your details are collected by payment platforms for your purchases. Diamonds and Pearls will receive a notice that you have paid. 

If you registered on our website to receive updates then we will use your details to send you updates about the products, services and other important information about Diamonds and Pearls. 

If you provide your details in a message then we only use your details to reply to you and to do what you have instructed.

Do we sell your information for marketing purposes or for any other matter

We do not sell anyone's personal details.


No credit card information is stored by Diamonds and Pearls. 


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